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Pi-hole working dashboard

Pi-hole 5: Empty dashboard fix

Pi-hole 5 got released. Cool! After upgrading my Pi-hole 4 to Pi-hole 5, my admin panel dashboard didn’t work anymore – everything was just a blank, white page when I clicked on the dashboard/home page.

Pi-hole broken dashboard
The dashboard just showed “—” for every information block.

Fixing it

As seen in, we just have to install the sqlite-extension for our current PHP version.

I’m using PHP 7.4, here are my commands – make sure to change them to match your PHP version!

sudo apt install php7.4-sqlite -y
sudo /etc/init.d/php7.4-fpm restart

Make sure to restart your php-fpm after installing the extension(s).
Everything worked after I did that:

Pi-hole working dashboard

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