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Hide the brute-force warning in Synology DSM

Compatibility warning for DSM 7.x!

The solution in this post might be incompatible with DSM 7.x as I have not tested it yet.
You have been warned.

Interesting warning, eh?

The latest versions of Synology DSM add a warning if you are using the default system administrator account (Username admin) – for obvious reasons! However, if you want to hide the warning (which I do not recommend at all), you can use the following manual:

Log in via SSH. If you don’t know how to do that, I have already explained it in another article. Enter the following command to open a text editor for a configuration file that we are about to change:

sudo vi /usr/syno/synoman/webman/modules/DisableAdminNotification/config

This opens a CLI editor after you’ve entered your root password. Press I. After that, use your right arrow key to navigate to "autoLaunch":true – now, replace the true with a false. This stops DSM from loading the brute-force warning.

To save your changes, press Esc and enter :wq – press Enter to close the text editor. The warning should now be hidden.

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