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Fix for Synology Cloud Sync: Sync folder does not exist

Synology’s Cloud Sync solution works great with Nextcloud… If it does work. I came across the following error:

The Disk Station didn’t even try to connect and every needed folder existed. Weird. After googling around I came across the following solution at Github by @mback2k:

Connect via SSH

Connect to your Disk Station via SSH. You might have to enable it in DSM under the settings:

  • Open the settings
  • Click on Terminal & SNMP
  • Tick Enable SSH service

After that, connect to your Disk Station via SSH (use the Powershell on Windows, Linux users use a simple terminal):

ssh <dsm_admin_username>@<diskstation_ip>

Log in with the admin password and enter sudo su – you will have to enter your password again.

Fix the SQLite database

Now, start the database editor for the Cloud Sync app database:

sqlite3 /volume1/@cloudsync/db/config.sqlite

Clear the state for the specific problem:

UPDATE session_table SET error = 0 WHERE error = -12;

Disconnect by pressing Ctrl + D.

Restart the Cloud Sync package

Last but not least, you have to restart the Cloud Sync package. Open the package manager in DSM and click on Installed – select the Cloud Sync package and click on the arrow next to Open. Click on Stop:

Start the package by clicking on Run:

That’s it!

Your Cloud Sync should work again. Woo-hoo.

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